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Subcontract shot peening

For your offloading or series production, SONATS provides you its expertise and unique know-how on ultrasonic shot peening.  For more than 25 years, our qualified and experimented technicians provide quality service with automated and manual industrial machines activated with Stressonic® technology, designed and manufactured by SONATS.


Our current customers are divided between OEMS and subcontractors from various industrial sectors:

  • Aero structure : (SAE/AMS 2580-2585 “Ultrasonically activated shot peening”, Airbus AIPI 2-2004 qualification)
  • Aeroengine (blades, discs, rotors, compressors)
  • Motor and transmission (Automotive and Marine) : (airfoils, crankshafts, camshafts, cranks, cylinder head, injectors, racks, gear shafts, tripods, turbo compressors (turbines, compressor wheels), gears (output shaft, crown,  sprocket)
  • Rail (wheel axis, bearings, bogies, structural parts, hip and knee prosthesis, osteotomy plates)
  • Energy (parts and subassemblies, nuclear industry, wind turbine, hydraulic, gas and vapor)
  • Medical (tibial bases, stem femoral and tibial, inter-somatic cages)




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Air tight shot-peening

With no risk of losing shot peening media, our ultrasonic shot peening treatment can be directly performed on structure assemblies (transportable subassemblies, on-site treatment, non-transportable parts, and ex-situ treatment).


The hermetic seal chamber enables technician to use very low shot peening media quantity during  the treatment. This unique shot peening process with very high quality media allows us to reach unrivalled surface quality – low roughness.



Localized shot peening

No masking and no bagging of your parts. Our process saves time. Our treatment cycle are reduced and so are our lead-times.


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On-site customer services 

Qualified and trained staff, long-terms and long-established partnerships, quality and worldwide reactivity are our key assets for outstanding on-site performances.


By using our StressVoyager® portative solution for subcontract shot peening services, we can intervene on customers' sites anywhere in the world.


Some example of on-site services: in-situ maintenance of gas turbine, underwing treatments of aeronautic parts...