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Personalized follow-up and support

Our laboratory gathers a team of qualified and experienced engineers and Phd. They are experts in physics, mechanics, materials and metallurgy.

  • Problem definition
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Description of the technical program for recommended analyzes
  • Measurement performed according to ASTM/ISO Standards
  • Results  analysis and discussion
  • Results valorization
  • Technical outlook for product quality and process optimization

Quality and Certifications

SONATS is ISO9001 and EN9100 certified. Analyzes are performed according to ASTM/ISO standards and international good practice.

  • Measurement of residual stress by X-ray diffraction: NF EN 15305
  • Measurement of residual stresses by incremental hole drilling assisted with strain gages: ASTM E837
  • Materials Analysis: according to specific standard methods
  • Dimensional control: according to specific standard methods

Our residual stresses laboratory is recognized and certified by the SAFRAN aerospace group. Our equipments are checked before each testing project. We periodically perform round robin tests with recognized others industrial and academic European laboratories.


SONATS is an active member of GFAC (French national association for the analysis of residual stresses).


Delivery time and costs

As a result of a proactive management and strong experience, SONATS minimizes analyzes costs performed in the shortest achievable schedule.

  • Answer within 48 hours,
  • Typical time of delivery for a residual stresses analyzes: 3 days.
  • Reduced delivery time: 24 hours (framework contract for routine inspections).

Partnership, technology watch and research and development

We have a special partnership with the XRD equipment manufacturer STRESSTECH.


Our high qualified and experimented laboratory team conducts an active technology and scientific watch to ensure the highest level of quality for our procedures. Our team is also active in R&D programs related to residual stresses and mechanical surface treatment processes.


  • In-house R&D for non-destructive control of residual stress measurement,

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