Europe Technologies Group

Surface and dimensional metrology

SONATS has high precision roughness meters to characterize part surface (Ra, Rt, Rz, Wa, Wt …). High precision profilometers characterize also size and depth of defects (Pt, ...) and local curvature of components (diameter and radius of curvature). These systems are portable.


SONATS also features high-end metrology equipment for dimensional control: three-dimensional machine and laser scanner. These equipments are typically used to control machined components. But geometry can also be correlated to residual stress in order to perform comprehensive studies of distortion during manufacturing processes.


Objectives of metrology and dimensional control:

  • To understand and predict distortion,
  • To control raw material,
  • To optimize manufacturing processes.

 Coordinate measuring machine, MTT CN Hexagon PCDMIS, capability: 4x3x1.6 m


coordinate measuring machine