Europe Technologies Group

Material analyzes and inspection

SONATS has full access to metallurgical testing and materials analysis facilities. Our lab can support you for complete component characterization, in addition to residual stresses measurement and dimensional control.


  • Metallographic preparation: cutting, coating, polishing, etching,
  • Microscopy: Optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX),
  • Hardness testing: Vickers and Knoop microhardness, Vickers macrohardness,

Cases studies: macrographic control, phase volume fraction, defects and porosities, microstructure, coating thickness, depth of decarburization, inclusion rating, hardness before / after treatment, hardening depth after surface treatment, control of welded joints, chemical analysis, study of diffusion, concentration profile, fracture surfaces, corrosion, cracking.


  • X-ray Crystallography - Diffraction (XRD): conventional XRD, grazing incidence XRD, synchrotron XRD, XRD in situ measurement during thermal or mechanical loading.

Cases studies: checking component crystallography conformity, quantify the volume fraction of phases, structures of coatings and thin films, identify hardening precipitates in alloys, evolution of phases of in the HAZ welding's.

  • Chemical analyzes: elemental analyzes of gases C-S-O-N-H, ICP-OES and ICP-MS, GDMS, Auger-XPS, SIMS

Cases studies: major elements analysis, minor elements analysis, materials analysis after manufacturing, raw material inspection, oxidation of additive powder manufacturing, minor dosing in ceramics, concentration profile in the thin film, thick passivation layers.

  • Corrosion-electrochemical tests: Salt spray according to ASTM B117 and ISO9227, climate chambers according to ISO 6270-2, SO2 in a humid atmosphere according to ISO 3231 and DIN 50018, electrochemical cells with 16 channels galvanostat.

Cases studies: Resistances to environment degradation, corrosion inhibitors, optimize the chemical and mechanical trenching, study of precipitation.


  • Accelerated ageing: UV irradiation according to ISO 11507, solar spectrum irradiation according to ISO 11341, thermal shock from -40 °C to 180 °C.
  • X-ray-tomography: X-ray, neutron radioscopy, X-ray tomography, synchrotron and neutron tomography.

Cases studies: assembly defects (gluing, welding, riveting), material integrity (porosity, cracks, cavities), interface and coating thickness, form factor of inclusions, 3D characterization, characterization of large assemblies.

  • Mechanical tests: tensile tests, impact tests, fatigue tests, adhesion of bonded assemblies.
  • Thermal analysis: Dilatometry, differential thermal analysis, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DCS), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)

Cases studies: Determination of coefficient of thermal expansion, phase transition temperature, enthalpy of transition, heat capacity.

  • Others: density measurement by double weighing, pycnometer, stoves, ovens, centrifuges.