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Hole-drilling strain-gage method

Hole-drilling is one of the most widely used method for measuring residual stresses. It is quick, reliable and easy to implement on all kind of materials and on a wide range of components. This technique can also be used when X-ray analyzes are note reliable enough (e.g. large grains metals, textured metals, polymers and composites).


Our fully-automated advanced measurement system can be used as a laboratory-based or portable system.


SONATS performs hole drilling measurement with full compliance to ASTM E837 standard “Standard test method for determining residual stresses by the hole-drilling strain-gage method”.


Testing procedure involves attaching a strain gages rosette to the surface, drilling a hole at the center of the rosette and measuring the resulting relieved strains. The residual stresses within the removed material are then calculated using inverse equations and data derived from finite element modeling of the elastic and isotropic behavior of the material.





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