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Residual stresses measurement by X-Ray diffraction (XRD)

X-ray diffraction technique for residual stress analyzes is one of the most reliable technique, used for decades on a wide range of mechanical parts and materials in many industrial fields, including aerospace, automotive, power and marine.


SONATS provides full services for non-destructive inspection or in-depth analyzes, whether in our laboratory or at your own facility.


Tests are performed with full compliance to:

  • EN 15305: "Non-destructive Testing - Test Method for Analysis of residual stresses by X-ray diffraction ".
  • ASTM E2860 "Standard test method for residual stress measurement by X-ray diffraction for bearing steels"

SONATS supports you to define your needs and specifications, but also for results analysis and valorization.



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X-Ray diffraction - XRD - residual stress measurement