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Metal Surface Nanocrystallization by Ultrasonic Shot Peening

Ultrasonic Shot Peening (Stressonic®) generates, when specific conditions are applied, a severe plastic deformation of the work piece surface. This plastic deformation allows the formation of nanocrystallized grains which change on surface properties. The main advantage of the method is that it's purely mechanical; it doesn't require any chemical or heat treatment.




The objectives of the nanocrystallisation could be:


  • Surface treatment process: the desired effect in this case is mainly related to the improvement of the surface mechanical properties of the material,
  • Pre-treatment process: in this case, the nanocrystallization process is combined with thermo-mechanical treatment (nitriding, chromizing, carburizing). Indeed, the nanostructure increases the diffusion rate of elements such as nitrogen, chromium and carbon.



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