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FlapSpeed™ Pro

Flapper Peening was invented by 3M in the 1960's for US Army helicopter field repairs during the Vietnam war.

Shockform (Canada) has developed and patented a new rotational speed controller for flapper peening. The FlapSpeed™ Controller V.3 equipment guarantees quality and repeatable flap peening treatments.


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  • Controller continuously monitors and adjusts the RPM for more reliable and repeatable peening every time
  • Alarm will sound if rotational speed is out of tolerance
  • USB recording of process parameters in real time
  • Touch Screen User Interface


  • Press start and get the exact rotational speed
  • Use the integrated stopwatch or countdown timer to do saturation curves.
  • Easily meet Nadcap and other process requirements


  • Smaller hand piece, no separate motor
  •  Long 25 feet cable for more flexibility
  •  Larger color touch screen 5.7 po
  • Integrated CURVE SOLVER
  • Selection of the three size flaps
  • Selection of 3M or Boeing- Airbus correction (0.77)



  • With the personalized Intensity versus RPM curves for up to 5 operators
  • Spend less time on preparation and more time peening.

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FlapSpeed™ Pro