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 1991  Company creation and registration
 1993  R&D master agreement with Aerospatiale, Fortech, Atlantech and Nantes University
 1996  Ultrasonic Shot Peening process and technology development

 STRESSONIC® brand registration

Jules Vernes Innovation Excellence Award


 ISO-9001 Certification

CEFRI Certification (Nuclear)



 Patent applications on Ultrasonic Shot Peening

Ultrasonic Straightening and Peen Forming process development


 STRESSVOYAGER® brand registration

Partnership/Representation agreement with TOYO SEIKO - specialized in Shot Peening medias (Japan)

Representation agreement with SCRV (Spain)

MECAREC company acquisition (Precision machining)

 2002  PELLETIER company acquisition (Precision machining)

 SOVECOP company acquisition (Precision machining)

Representation agreement with LAMBDA RESEARCH - SET (USA) and with TRACOSA (Russia)


 Acquisition of SONIMAT company (Ultrasonic expertise)

Patent applications


 Representation agreement with ING. SCHUR + HALLER - specialized in metal surface treatment (Germany)

Distribution agreement with ELECTRONICS INC. (Control Products for Shot Peenning and Blast Cleaning processes)

Patent applications


 Patent applications

Representation agreement with SHOCKFORM - specialised in Shot Peening equipment, accessories and services (Canada) and WHEELABRATOR GROUP/ISPC Surface Preparation Ltd (China)


 Patent applications

Creation of SONATS Inc. subsidiary (Canada)

Representation agreement with ADTECH (India), with WHEELABRATOR GROUP (UK) and SBB Management (FR)


 Patent applications

Representation agreement with Spectra Technical Solutions (USA)


 EN9100 Certification

BNAE (NFL) 06-833 Standard for Ultrasonic Shot Peening

 2010  Representation agreement with Peening International Ltd. (UK & Ireland)