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Coverage Checker


Coverage Measurement Device after Shot Peening or Shot Blasting operations


SONATS, expert in impact surface treatment solutions, is the european exclusive distributor of  Toyo Seiko's innovative Equipment set:


Coverage Checker

Advantages of the Coverage Checker™:

  • Reliable and repeatable measurements after recipe calibration
  • Avoid subjective and variable appraisals during production controls
  • Picture filing functionalities with coverage rate estimates
  • Measurement capability on different geometry parts, flat or curved, springs, bores…
  • Windows XP Operation System for user-friendly interface
  • Original Extra fine Optical System for clear image optimized for analysis
  • Coverage Value is calculated with dedicated Fine-Adjustable Algorithm accommodated to correlation with visual observation


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Coverage Checker™ Principle


Coverage evaluation is critical for Shot Peening treatment's quality : a lack of coverage means a lack of protection for the part.


The international standards for coverage rate evaluation after Shot Peening or shot blasting application recommend a visual inspection at 10-30x magnification. However, visual  inspection can be very subjective, especially near 100% point, between different intensities, or on complex geometry shapes like holes or curved parts. Coverage value may also vary depending on the lightening, or on the inspector's experience.


That is why Toyo Seiko has developed an innovative equipment for automatic and repeatable coverage rate evaluation.


 The calibration process is based on a prior visual inspection of the treated parts. These firsts visual appraisals will serve to calibrate the equipment and set a recipe for each kind of parts. The coverage control will then become automatic and repeatable thanks to the Coverage Checker™.


Clic here to watch a demonstration of the Coverage Checker™