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Specialized in Shot Peening solutions, SONATS distributes a wide range peening accessories for  Electronics Incorporated company (EI, USA), Shockform (Canada) and Toyo Seiko (Japan) :

  • MagnaValves® , shot peening and blast cleaning flow controls units for air and wheel blast machines
  • Almen gages, certified equipment to control your process
  • Almen test strips, pre-qualified and "ready to use" they meet lots of specifications from military to aerospace ones
  • Flapper Peening :

- Flapper Peening Accessories and Equipement


- FlapSpeed Controller, an intelligent new rotational speed controller which guarantee the quality of Flap Peening treatments

  • Coverage rate analysis equipments:

- InspectView™ Controller, a portable visual inspection camera for hard to reach areas


- CoverageChecker™, automatic coverage rate measurement device



EI, Shockform and Toyo Seiko are specialized in manufacturing and development of products that improve the quality and control of shot peening and blast cleaning processes.

EI currently holds 14 U.S. Patents relating to shot-peening control technology. EI's products are used worldwide in aerospace, automotive, medical, and many other manufacturing applications.



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