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Rail / Railways

Strong safety regulations require continuous maintenance on the existing railway infrastructures.

Mechanical fatigue is oftenly observed due to railways component cyclic switching or due to contact rolling.

Train structural components are also subject to mechanical fatigue

Ultrasonic Shot Peening and Needle Peening technologies and solutions from SONATS can efficiently enhance the life time and reduce the cost of maintenance and repair operations.

Typical Ultrasonic Shot Peening and Needle Peening applications include :

  • Frogs,
  • Switch blades,
  • Welded  railways structures
  • Boggies
  • Chassis parts
  • (non exhaustive)






As described before for the railways infrastructure, other welded heavy structures such as Bridges, towers, pylons, off-shore platforms, are subject to rough operational conditions and also submitted to strong safety regulations.


Our dedicated brochure on bridge welds repair:

To prevent any catastrophic breaks, a continuous care is mandatory and efficient and easy to manage solutions are requested.

Handheld NOMAD equipment is a smart and proven needle peening solution for compressive stress restoring after welding repair.