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Power Generation


Power Generation engines or turbines (Diesel, Gas, Steam, Wind) are all including critical metal components that are subjected to extreme conditions (Rotating or moving parts, Speed, Heat, Vibrations, Stresses). These components are exposed to fatigue and consequently need to be treated to enlarge their service life before failure.


Moreover, improved reliability is mandatory due to the high cost of ownership of the Power Generation turbines as well as the high induced cost when the equipment is down and no energy is produced.


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SONATS has developed unique patented technical solutions for such applications that provide high quality shot peening treatments and cost savings to our customers, with no risk to damage the parts.

These shot peening solutions could be applied on new manufactured parts but also during MRO operations without a complete dismantle of the equipment. The last provides the best ever economical and technical solution.

Overall control and mastering of the shot peening process is mandatory to guarantee and maximize the fatigue-life of the components which have generally complex geometries.


Conventional shot peening methods can not offer the same degree of process control as the Stressonic®  which is very well adapted (Reproducibility, High uniformity, Surface quality) for treating high value parts such as :

  • Low Pressure and High Pressure Blades (Airfoil and Blade root)
  • Disks, Blisks (or IBR)
  • Fans,
  • Rotors, Strator
  • Ball-bearings
  • Gears, Gearbox
  • (not exhaustive)

SONATS shot peening solutions have been adopted by most of the major Power Generation OEMs


USP Ground Turbine Peening on-site operation.jpg
















Energy / Nuclear applications

Security and Reliability are of the primary concerns of the Nuclear industry.

Material integrity against Thermal Fatigue Cracking and Stress Corrosion Cracking has to be guaranteed and improved for longer lifetime operations.

SONATS offers proven shot peening solutions for the preventive treatment of new manufactured parts or for on-site peening after repair of contaminated critical components such as :

  • Primary Pump Shaft
  • Pipes for reactor cooling
  • Partition plates
  • J-weld
  • (not exhaustive)