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Field of expertises: Ultrasonic Shot Peening, Needle Peening & Straightening


Founded in 1991, SONATS is an innovative industrial company specialized in metal surface treatments using a patented ultrasonic process technology: Stressonic®.

Our ultrasonic shot peening, needle straightening and needle peening are adapted to your requirements. Handheld or automatic, in house or on site treatments, SONATS recognized expertises are used in many sectors: Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Medical, Transportation, Infrastructures, Oil&Gas and Heavy industries. A constant innovation process enables SONATS to offer state of the art processes and technology to meet and anticipate our clients' expectations.

From laboratory investigation to implementation of processes and machines, our collaborators and engineers offer qualified services and customized solution for optimized results.

Knowing that more than 65% of SONATS turnover is done abroad, our company has developed an international network which is designed to provide qualified and reactive services or equipments for our global clients.




Company Headquarters is located in Nantes, Carquefou, France. SONATS Inc. EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES INC., a Europe Technologies Group company is located in Alabama (USA) and promotes SONATS' products and services in Northern America.

We provide worldwide equipments, services and competences through our international network.


Means include modern design office, machining, mounting workshop, test laboratory, and job shop area. To guarantee high quality services that meet our client excellence, SONATS uses the most efficient equipments with appropriate working conditions for our collaborators.


Board of Directors


Within the Europe Technologies group, SONATS is part of the Technology center which has a staff of about 45 engineers and collaborators.

President: Patrick CHEPPE

Managing Director: Christelle BOUTOLLEAU
Chief Operationnal Officer: Dimitri QUETIER

R&D Director: Vincent DESFONTAINE

Sales Director: Luc FURLANI


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 2 Rue de la Fonderie - 44470 CARQUEFOU






 Mechanical impact treatment solutions

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 Patrick CHEPPE

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