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Since its creation, about twenty years ago, SONATS has always considered INNOVATION has a strategic objective, enabling product and service range development, economical growth and customer loyalty.
SONATS is also very active on Intellectual Property development, and presently owns (as applicant or co-applicant) more than 20 international patents.

Each year, SONATS within its group, Europe Technologies, invests a substantial share of its revenue for R&D activities with the following objectives:

  • To reinforce our market position, and to earn our customer trust
  • To enhance our competitive advantages and stay technically ahead
  • To develop new applications for our core technologies
  • To access new markets and to anticipate future market evolutions
  • To develop complimentary technological and technical expertise
  • To complete our product and service offering
  • To comply with international standards and regulations
  • To reduce costs

SONATS leads or collaborates efficiently within numerous programs with partners including some of our OEM customers, local, national or international academic institutions & laboratories as well as innovative SMEs.
Some of the R&D programs benefit from financial supports (Regional, National or International).

To name a few, SONATS participates to the following programs:
NEWAC: FP6 European-level programme, under the leadership of MTU Aero Engines, in which major European engine manufacturers, assisted by universities, research institutes and enterprises – 40 partners in all - focus on new core engine concepts.
SBIR US Army program with our US partner AVION Inc.

R&D themes and partners are selected with respect to their technical added-value as well as with the economically perspectives.

SONATS remains open to R&D partnership with collaborative and mutual interests.

Please do contact us if you are interested to partner with us.