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Metal fatigue


Metal fatigue phenomena is observed on many end-user dynamic loading applications, and is the origin of cracks and failure implying high maintenance costs and lower equipment uptime. Moreover, the general trend of the industry to reduce the weight of the components for cost savings, or for a given component to enlarge its load for higher performances, enhance the fatigue problems. Nethertheless reliability remains a primary concern.

Consequently, industrial companies may consider efficient solutions to prevent component from failure by using fatigue-life enhancement processes on new manufactured parts as well as during preventive maintenance.


SONATS's Impact Treatment Solutions


SONATS Ultrasonic peening technology and solutions are recognized and widely used on several end-markets for mechanical treatment of critical components:

  • Aerospace (Engines, Turbines, Aerostructures, and Equipments)

  • Energy (Power generation)

  • Naval,

  • Heavy Industry (Mining and Oil&Gas)

  • Rail

  • Infrastructures (Transportation, Industrial)

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Tooling


Metal materials that have been successfully treated using STRESSONIC® include Iron, Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel base alloys (Inconel), Steel, Carbon Steel, Inox, High strength Steels, Bronze alloys…