Europe Technologies Group

Job Shop Peening Service

Our teams are committed to achieve the most cost effective shot peening job shop services.

Thanks to our worldwide network and facilities in France, SONATS is able to provide two types of services:


 In-house shot peening services


SONATS shop, within Europe Technologies 12000m² facilities,  is located close to Nantes, France.

Various standard and customized shot peening equipments ensure an in-house ultrasonic shot peening job shop service.
For short to medium series of parts, we are able to perform the USP treatments  internally. When considering higher production throughput, customer could consider to invest on customized equipment to integrate it in its plant.
Beside, Ultrasonic Shot Peening services, and in order to offer complete shot peening services, we also work with qualified suppliers performing conventional shot peening in case our customers would like to get that kind of service too. 



 On site shot peening services


SONATs is a worldwide service supplier of on-site peening.

Thanks to long-term partnerships and high skilled teams, SONATS ensures quality shot peening services all over the world.

SONATS' shot peening handheld solutions are designed to perform a direct treatment “in situ” of your parts.

As a diversification and thanks to its metal improvement know-how, SONATS is able to provide flapper peening on site treatments.