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Ultrasonic Shot Peening

Ultrasonic Shot Peening


Ultrasonic Shot Peening technology allows the use of high quality beads. Quality beads combined to the real-time control of parameters, ensures a repeatable and efficient treatment. Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP)  induces a low roughness and a better surface quality compared to the conventional shot peening. This has a direct influence on fatigue-life enhancement.


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Ultrasonic Shot Peening - Technology principle



Watch on video the technology principle of our Ultrasonic Shot Peening solution. Follow the link.


USP Roughness_comparison


Increasing productivity and quality

Cost reductions 

 - Improving fatigue life
 - Treatment of complex geometry parts
 - Process control and repeatability
 - Low roughness (see images below)
 - Shorter treatment cycle time
 - Reducing consumption of beads, energy and  compressed air
 - Integration in the production line (lean manufacturing)
 - “In situ” treatment often possible without having to dismantle parts