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Fatigue life extension technologies are commonly and successfully used in many sectors: aerospace, energy,  automotive, transportation and infrastructures.

The first step of fatigue resistance assessment when producing a part or manufacturing and/or assembling a structure is to evaluate the most critical locations where cracks can be initiated. Then one have to decide on which action to take. The key of these assessments is to assess if a life time improvement method is needed before the onset of significant damages. The approach has to be preventative instead of corrective to minimize costs and maximize benefits.


Ultrasonic Needle Peening is one of the best preventative treatments available to increase fatigue life.

It is a cold mechanical treatment consisting to impact the surface of a metallic part surface by high energetic medias (Needles) to release tensions and add beneficial compressive stresses and


Established and on-going studies show that SONATS ultrasonic needle peening technology ensures a fatigue life improvement from +70% to 100%.


The rounded head needles, kept in the peening head are thrown against the weld thanks to the vibration of the sonotrode (see Technology - Stressonic® principle) for peening the part. This controlled treatment ensures a life time extension of your welded components by reducing the notching effect and by peening the areas affected heat.



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Peening effect on crack growth and fatigue-life enhancement





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