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Competences and solutions

Based on our core Ultrasonic Peening technology, SONATS has developed technics, applications and equipments:




Our Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) application is used to improve fatigue-life, resistance to stress corrosion cracking and fretting fatigue. This surface impact treatment solution is done by throwing beads on a specific area of the part to be peened. It will introduce beneficial compressive residual stresses which guarantee an increased life time.




The Ultrasonic Needle Straightening (UNS) is an automatic or handheld technic that can be used directly on the jig in order to straighten your parts. One of the main advantages of that technology is the possibility to treat complex geometries. For instance, our UNP can straighten panels with stringers.  It is the ideal technique for an accurate and easy straightening.

Same type of technique and equipment is also used for Peen Forming.




The purpose is the same than the USP, but its applications are focused on welded components. The peening is done on the welds in order to reduce the notching effects and introduce stresses in the area that has been affected by heat. A rugged industrial design ensures the resistance of our equipment for outdoor use and bad weather: humidity, heat, dust…



The main beneficial effects of the Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) process are induced by the plastic deformation of the surface work piece. When the treatment parameters are more severe, for instanc ewhen the treatment time is increased, the process generates a nanocrystallised surface layer. The core microstructure remains unchanged.

The interest of the nanocrystallisation can be considered


• Surface treatment process: the desired effect in

this case is mainly related to the improvement of the

surface mechanical properties of the material,

• Pre-treatment process:

The interest of the nanocrystallisation can be considered as:

  • Surface treatment process
  • Pre-treatment process



Watch our videos to see our peening solutions in action for ultrasonic needle peening, shot peening and needle straightening.


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