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STRESSONIC® Advantages

SONATS provides standard or customized Shot Peening, Needle Peening and Straightening equipment and services using the STRESSONIC® technology.     CONTROL : All the parameters of the process and its environment are fully controlled

  • Sine wave : High precision digital generator.
  • Beads : Material quality is controlled. Mass is constant, Number of balls inside the chamber is constant.
  • Kinetic Energy : Vibration amplitude is controlled continuously by a sensor
  • Environment: Chamber defines the treatment environment and indirectly the balls trajectory, and guarantees that there is no variation part to part.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Process reproducibility is guaranteed on a part, and from part to part

  • Fully controlled process, and computerized automation.


  • Use of high quality media with perfect material geometry and composition
  • Low roughness compares to conventional peening processes
  • Clean process with no dust or waste


  • Low energy consumption
  • Low media consumption (few grams compares to up to hundreds of kilograms for conventional peening)
  • Clean process with no dust or waste: don't necessitate cleaning operation


  • No risk to damage the part to treat
  • No risk for the operator
  • Less induced skeleton or muscular diseases for the operators

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