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SONATS is mastering the STRESSONIC® process which is a cold working impact surface treatment for metal component fatigue-life enhancement.

Applications of this process include Ultrasonic Shot Peening, Ultrasonic Needle Straigthening and Ultrasonic Needle Peening.



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STRESSONIC® generator creates digitally a sine wave with an ultrasound frequency (generally 15, 20 or 40kHz).

Piezo-electrical emitter converts this signal to a mechanical signal which is then amplified by a serie of boosters and the sonotrode.

Mechanical energy of the vibrating sonotrode is then transmitted to free-moving media thrown to the metal part to be treated.

Media are either free-flying balls (Shot Peening) inside a chamber or guided Needles (Needle Straightening or Needle Peening).

Ultrasonic waves are not transmitted to the part to treat.

Vibration amplitude of the sonotrode could be set-up from 10 up to 250µm (peak to peak).


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